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Paul the Dutchman

Calendar backend with PHP, MySQL en Fullcalendar


The calendar you are looking for is one of the first versions i created. I helped many people setting up their backends for the calendar, but when i found out that one of them used my calendar as base for his calendar and sold it on Codecanyon i put it on there as well.
So you can get the complete and finished calendars for small prices here.

Let me know if you have features i can include or when you need help with it.
Mail me at

Employee Work Schedule / Multi-calendar

This calendar is for scheduling employees and/or spaces or you can use it as a multi-calendar. Amongst many options you can choose if only the admin can add items to the calendars/spaces, if a calendar is public, private or private for a group, if people have to login, if you want to see employees or spaces (shops, departments) in the separate calendars (left blocks), etc ….

• Admin (employer) and/or employees (optional) can add items by drag and drop or by clicking on a day
• Select a calendar to see the associated items
• The drag- and-drop items depend on the selected calendar

You can schedule employees to several calendars/spaces (rooms, shops etc.) or you can do it the other way around; add the employees as calendars and assign spaces to them.

It’s a complete JavaScript calendar, with the base jQuery Fullcalendar and a PHP/MySQL backend.
The calendar can be accessed with a login, on IP address or public use for everybody.

Unique features
• Inserting, editing and deleting items is fast and easy.
• Public, private or group calendars.
• Besides admin(s) now users can also create calendars.
• Supports recurring events. Fields for setting the recurrence get visible when the chosen period in the datepickers is more than one week.
• Multilanguage: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Italian and Polish. You can add your own language file.
• Easy backup of database including data. (no knowledge of cronjobs necessary)
• The calendar is searchable. And the search results can be clicked to go to the event in the calendar. The search results depend on the chosen calendar
• Hour calculation in admin area
• Set alterable range and the option to make the dates gray

• Popup dialog for adding, editing and deleting items.
• Drag and drop items, external and within the calendar.
• It uses Fullcalendar, a jQuery plug-in.
• Resizing calendar items.
• Month-, week-, day- and listview.
• The calendar can stretch to whole screen width.
• Users can easily change their profile and settings.

Fast & Easy Calendar with app

A complete JavaScript calendar, with the base jQuery Fullcalendar and a PHP/MySQL backend.
Insert, update, resize, drag and drop items fast and easy with ajax calls.
- It contains a nice edit dialog for changing items with datepickers and timepickers. You can also give calendar items a custom color.
- Recurring events are possible
- Add items by clicking on a day, add moredays items by clicking and dragging your mouse, add items with a specific timerange quickly in the week- or day view by clicking and dragging your mouse
- Drop external items possible
- Users can edit several things including username and password in their profile and a settings dialog.
- Several optional fields, like location, description, phone can be set to visible in config.php.
- It supports language files, so you can add your own. The currently included languages are English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Italian and Polish.
- This calendar has the possibility to be accessed by login (users can register themselves or admin can register users) , ip or open access.
- Many config options, like dateformat as mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy etc….
- Automatic backup of the database. Backups are saved in the folder system/dbdump

Single-user/ Multi-user
Shared calendar for all users or one calendar per user

With an Android app to easily insert items into the calendar, also offline !
You can add items without internet connection, they will be saved in your phone until you have internet connection and you can save them to the calendar.
Working on adding datepickers and timepickers to the app

Updates are free!