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Employee Work Schedule

Employee Work Schedule
Only $22

For scheduling employees and/or spaces or you can use it as a multi-calendar.
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calendar solution

MySQL Datagenerator
Only $15

Generate real-life testdata
and import directly into your database or export to SQL, CSV, JSON or PHP array ..

How to integrate Fullcalendar based PHP/MySQL backend into PHPMaker integrated code

Paul Wolbers | 06-08-2012 | website | 1 reactie
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07-05-2017 | Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay in answering. Corporations exist as business entities but also include labor unions (itcarporoned) the Sierra Club (incorporated) the Democrat National Committee (incorporated) etc. The point is that all of these entities have the ability to make a shell that uses the tax code to support their respective positions. If all corporate money is to be banned as Bullock seems to argue, then these shells would be banned as well.

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