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Employee Work Schedule

Employee Work Schedule
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For scheduling employees or you can use it as a multi-calendar. For info mail paul.wolbers@gmail.com
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calendar solution

MySQL Datagenerator
Only $15

Generate real-life testdata
and import directly into your database or export. For info mail paul.wolbers@gmail.com

Calendar backend with PHP, MySQL en Fullcalendar

Paul Wolbers | 15-01-2012 | programmeren | 106 reacties


The calendar you are looking for is one of the first versions i created. I helped many people setting up their backends for the calendar, but when i found out that one of them used my calendar as base for his calendar and sold it on Codecanyon i put it on there as well.
So you can get the complete and finished calendars for small prices here.


Let me know if you have features i can include or when you need help with it.
Mail me at paul.wolbers@gmail.com


23-04-2012 | Emiliano

Hi Paul, good news, you spotted the problem, there was an error with the insert query! I realized that the field "calendartype" couldn't be set as "NULL", so I gave a predifined value to it. I also had to set the timezone to ->Europe/Amsterdam in order to solve some funny problems related to the time inserted into the events. Now everything seems to work as expected, thank you so much for your advices.

24-04-2012 | Vishwas Talule

I want to add one more option in full calendar i.e. 'Agenda'. This is similar to agenda in google calendar. I had added agenda to a buttontext in script.js but unable to view it on event page. I also have added agenda in fullcalendar and langEN. How to add this option in view and display list-view of upcomming events?

05-05-2012 | Paul Wolbers

I made an agenda (list) view like the Google listview. hacked in fullcalendar.js

02-06-2012 | Polat

Dear Paul I just saw your page and your work with Fullcalendar. I would to make request to adjust the Fullcalendar with a existing application. My request is: To integrate the Fullcalendar, as you did with standalone, in a simple application which has been generated by PHPMAKER9

31-08-2012 | Martin

hello , my name is Martin , I've been using your fullCalendar example in my asp.net mvc project, It is very good , but encountered a problem , list view count not show in IE8, but work in IE9¬°Bchrome and firefox¬°Acolud you teach me how to solve the problem, thank you very much

31-08-2012 | Paul Wolbers

Hello Martin, I'm afraid i can't help with that. IE sucks... I tried it and there is no error, so that makes it hard to debug. The expected div doesn't show up entirely.. Great that you like the calendar. Sorry i can't help

09-11-2012 | Jim MacDonald

Any update on when your Multicalendar will be available? I could use it for a project right now and willing to pay if it can be customized a bit for what I am doing.

28-12-2012 | Abhishek dubey

Kindly provide me all files of the calendar

28-12-2012 | Paul Wolbers

You can download them here

04-01-2013 | Abhishek dubey

I want to add one addition button in fullcalelndar for list view .After click on that button list view page should be come .This list view page will be my own created page,that should be append in header . I need this verry urgent please help me

05-01-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Do you mean the agendabutton ? like in the example on http://www.paulthedutchman.nl/calendar_standalone/ ? Is the agendaview not what you want? You want to show something in the header after clicking the button?

08-01-2013 | Abhishek dubey

Paul, Your code was awesome...my problem is almost resolved ... thanks .... thousand time .

11-01-2013 | Timber Hawkeye

Aloha Paul! I came across one of your posts while search for a way to modify the way Agenda View appears on an embedded calendar on a website. Your code looks really promising but I know very little about it and was wondering if you could help. I'm about to schedule a book tour and would like all the dates to appear like a list (the way you showed), with a starting date of February 16th (the first event), and then all the events after that (or the first few and then people can scroll to see the rest). Can you help?

15-01-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Lots of e-mails went from and to Timber and i succeeded in integrating a Google calendar in a list widget for his booktour page

17-01-2013 | Stephan Hochhaus

Hello Paul, I stumbled across your patch for Fullcalendar that includes a list view. Do you think you could patch the latest version of fullcalendar (1.5.4) with your changes? It looks very helpful for a site I am using and I would like to include your work.

17-01-2013 | Paul Wolbers

changed 1.5.4

08-02-2013 | Brandon Hogue

Hey there, I have seen your site.. http://www.paulthedutchman.nl/calendar_standalone/ and am trying to do the same thing to my site. Although when I save your fullcalendar.js it breaks.. I've sifted through the code to try to place it in my code and I can't get it working... I'm sure I'm missing a piece but I've added and searched everywhere you commented //added by Paul. I've even tried the original .js from your site of course. Perhaps my problem is that I'm trying to pull in the information through a Google xml calendar feed? I was wondering if there is any other code needed to pull in the data to display the Agenda view such as CSS. For now I am currently just trying to get fullcalendar.js to load with my google xml. If you could please be of any help it would be much appreciated.

08-02-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Hello Brandon, What do you mean by 'it breaks' ? Did you succeed in importing the google calendar? Is the problem that you expect to see the google calendar items in the agendaview? In the version of my code that is online that is not implemented yet. I have it working in my current local version though.. You have to get the xml url or the ics url from your google calendar Which version of fullcalendar are you using? Because it could be a css problem as well ..

20-03-2013 | Jim Freemont

Using your calendar to help schedule group fitness classes

23-04-2013 | shopnopoka

hello Paul! it's an excellent calendar solution! however, I am interested in v2.1 and I figured that, users can not add any event as it was possible in v2! Please let me know if any of the code can be modified to add that feature to v2.1 (add event on click).

23-04-2013 | Paul Wolbers

shopnopoka, that is certainly possible. I will check it to tonight and post it here, or put it in a little explanation above. (in the v2.1 section)

23-04-2013 | Paul Wolbers

shopnopoka, remove the smarty 'if' part from 2 lines in the dlg_event_edit.html: if == 'dateplanner' disabled="disabled", get the whole if statement out.. and in script.js turn this line on: select: function(start, end, allDay) { onSelectDay(start, end, allDay); },

24-04-2013 | Arun

Hi Paul... This is exactly the thing i was looking for except the Smarty part.. But its perfect.. Thanks a lot.. Just want to confirm one thing.. I am using calender_standalone2.. I tried to remove the Agenda Tab by setting SHOW_AGENDA_VIEW_BUTTON to false in config.php.. But it doesnt seem to work.. Anything else i should do??

24-04-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Arun, there is a bug in the script.js. At the line showAgendaButton: true you should put 'Calendar.showAgendaViewButton' instead of 'true'

09-05-2013 | Simone

Hi paul Really awesome code :) i only needed 1 more thig..is it possible to change the selectable property of the calendar to true/ false depending on the user logged in?

09-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Simone, that is possible, you have to set 'editable' = true in the eventconfig when a user is loggedin and has the right to edit some event. (this determines if an event can be dragged and resized. I do it like this: $arr_event['editable'] = ($arr_event['user_id'] == $_SESSION['user_id'] || $arr_event['creator_id'] == $_SESSION['user_id']); if you also want to check if the editdialog has to show when someone has right to edit you can check in the clickevent or the selectevent if editing is allowed. I made another configoption for that: 'edit_allowed'. So i can use it next to the native fullcalendar option: editable

13-05-2013 | Jeroen

Ziet er top uit. ik gebruik je kalender met alle plezier. ik krijg alleen mijn google-account niet toegevoegd.

13-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Jeroen, heb je al een rij toegevoegd in de calendars tabel met type 'google' en de feed_url. bijv. http://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/JOUW_CALENDAR/public/basic. Ik weet niet meer zeker of de ics url ook noodzakelijk was. Dit had ik nog niet helemaal uitgewerkt. Kan zijn dat je in calendar_owners ook nog een rij moet zetten. Ik zal dit binnenkort even uitwerken en misschien wat kant en klare queries op deze pagina zetten.

15-05-2013 | Rasty

How can i change the language of the agenda view to english ?

15-05-2013 | Jeroen

Ik heb hem toegevoegd aan de tabel. zowel de feed_url als de ics. type google, verder dezelfde instellingen gebruikt als bij rij 1. weet niet of dit de bedoeling is? hij werkt iniedergeval nog niet.

15-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

hmm, probeer eens type 'normal', ik zie dat dat in de database staat. Moet ik dan nog eens naar kijken..

15-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Rasty, if you set LANGUAGE in config.php to 'EN' the dates should show in English format.

15-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Shopnopoka, I added a constant to achieve what you want. I updated the 2.1 zipfile. If you set USER_CAN_ADD_CUSTOM_EVENT to true in config.php the user can add events and edit title and location when editing an event. But that possibility wasn't my purpose wiht the dateplanner version. But everyone is free to change things ofcourse

17-05-2013 | Raymond

Mr. Paul, I tried to mimic your website> I succeed on the delete and add operation for the "v1" But somehow I could not show the data on my site, but it shown perfectly on yours. Could you tell me what possibly I do wrong? I follow the page source at yours: http://www.paulthedutchman.nl/calendar_standalone/ I modified the script.js to directly point to your php Thank you very much

17-05-2013 | Raymond

May I know sir, what is cal_id on the script.js for "v1"? Thank you

17-05-2013 | Jeroen

Ik heb hem nu op normal staan, still doesn't work. feedtype google en calendartype norma, sharetype heb ik op public

20-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Jeroen, het is makkelijker als we even per e-mail verder gaan. Je kunt me mailen op paul.wolbers@gmail.com

20-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Raymond, i don't understand what you are trying to do, can you mail me? paul.wolbers@gmail.com

28-05-2013 | tania

how do i disable creation of vents for certain users??

28-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Hello Tania, That's something i was working on, it's already in the database (v2.1): in `calendar_shared_users`, the edit_options column (view_only and can_edit). But do you mean a loggedin user? or just viewers of the calendar? You can try v2.1, that's multiuser.

29-05-2013 | tania

im using v2 right nw..I have made editable false for certain users..and when editable is false i wanted to make creatable also to false.. is that possible with v2?

29-05-2013 | tania

ok i managed to get that done :) need ur help again though.. i have a comboboz on top of the calendar.. and based on the selection i want to load the data in the calendar.. like onchange of combo load different data.. please help

29-05-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Tania, you could try to add an onclick to the combobox option: onclick="Calendar.openCalendar(1,'normal','internal','');" where the first parameter is the calendar_id

10-06-2013 | Riccardo

Hi Paul, thank you very much for this wonderful implementation of fullcalendar. I've a question about the "Agenda" view (the "plain" one not implemented in original fullcalendar). How can I make it the default view ? Is there a chance?!? Thank you in advance!!

13-06-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Riccardo, that should be possible but i have no time at the moment to look into it.. You can look at this agenda/listview someone else made. (bottom) http://code.google.com/p/fullcalendar/issues/detail?id=289 It's really integrated in fullcalendar. I am going to customize it so that it looks like my agendaview and remove my hacked-in agendaview.

14-06-2013 | Riccardo

Thank you Paul! That's what I've done with good results!

14-06-2013 | Wayne

Hey.. great implementation of the full calendar. I am testing v2 but I can't seem to figure out how to get set individual user calendars and how to view them individually. Can you help please.

14-06-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Wayne, you have to add 2 rows in the database. I added explanation above in the v2 section (update 14-6-2013)

15-06-2013 | Sonia

hi, Is it possible to not allow resize of events from the calendar?

15-06-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Sonia, you can set disableResizing: true in the calendarconfig or set editable: false in an eventconfig (see http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/docs/)

18-06-2013 | Arun

Hi Paul, Thanx for the earlier help. I have one more doubt. Is there any short way I can disable any sort of editing to non logged in users?? I had to change the default session to a common one i am using. Now there is normal logged in users with multiple calenders and then there is non logged in users. I want to disable the editing or adding of events completely to non logged in users.

19-06-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Arun, you can do that by putting it in the event config when you return the events in the getEvents function. $arr_line['editable'] = isset($_SESSION['user_id']) && $arr_line['user_id'] == $_SESSION['user_id'] ? true : false; and then in script.js check if event.editable is false then show an alert else show the edit dialog. (you can check the script.js from the v2.1 version) Fullcalendar already takes care of disabling dragging and resizing when event.editable = false

19-06-2013 | Paul Wolbers

So when someone logs in you have to set $_SESSION['user_id'] with the id of that user.

17-07-2013 | David

I'm trying to get your latest version working to use as an event calendar that I can log in to edit for my website. The problem I'm running into though is that I'm not able to login. I believe it's because my database isn't setup correctly. The only SQL statements you included in the latest release was to create the events table and I don't believe the older version is the same. Please advise.

18-07-2013 | Paul Wolbers

David, you are running 2.1? I've added the sql (as used in the 2.1 example) above. This is the link to the file directly: http://paulthedutchman.nl/files/cal_dateplanner.sql

18-07-2013 | David

Thank you so much. That's exactly what I was missing. Everything is working now.

15-08-2013 | Lucirick

Hi paul, how do you adjust the range of the calendar? I mean, what if I wanted to go further backwards or I want to schedule ahead, since the limit of the calendar you have provided is the current month and February of 2014.

15-08-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Lucirick, i configured the daterange for the dateplanner, because that was more logical in that case. You can change the range or remove it by removing or editing the 'viewDisplay' config option of fullcalendar in script.js.

18-08-2013 | Lucirick

Thanks paul! You've been a great help.

01-09-2013 | Lyle

Hi Paul! What do I edit so one user can add multiple events in one day. For example, user1 adds event1 on a day, then I would add another event (event2) on the same day, but different times.

01-09-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Lyle, if you are referring to the dateplanner (v2.1) you can set ALLOW_MULTIITEMS_PER_DAY to true in config.php

05-09-2013 | allyson

I am trying to get your latest v2.1 working( I am having the same problem as David had comment on July 8). I am using your latest sql data file. I've tried to login in using the existing firstname and password from the users table and changing the password to 'user1'. to login using user1, user1 but it keeps erroring out 'incorrect email and password'. Help. Please advise. Want to use your calendar with a login for my website. Thank you

05-09-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Allyson, password has to be MD5. So for example 'user1' you have to put this in the database: 24c9e15e52afc47c225b757e7bee1f9d

06-09-2013 | Allyson

I've put the password you suggested back in the table. But I still can't login to the calendar as 'user1' 'user1' or 'user1 ' 24c9e15e52afc47c225b757e7bee1f9d'.

06-09-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Allyson, can you tell me some more, which browser, OS for example.. Can i see it somewhere working? Can you send me an export of your complete database. You can mail me: paul.wolbers@gmail.com

09-09-2013 | seby@sebyphotographe.com

hi sir, how much would you charge me to install it on my server please? tks Seby

09-09-2013 | Seby

How to download V3 please, how to proceed? tks Seby

10-09-2013 | Paul Wolbers

Seby, V3 is not ready yet

16-08-2014 | ugwEwBrseT

I sing in a choir

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